IQ staking to earn limited edition NFTs and IQ token rewards
HiIQ is an IQ staking service that allows IQ holders to stake and lock up their IQ tokens with IQ token rewards and NFT raffles. For info on how to stake check out our desktop and mobile guides.
Background HiIQ was created to incentivize IQ holders to become long-term holders who stake and lock up their IQ tokens. The HiIQ staking system allows IQ holders to choose how long they want to lock up their IQ for, the longer they lock up their IQ for the greater the amount of rewards and the greater chance they will have to gain limited edition NFTs.
HiIQ should increase the utility of the IQ token by rewarding long-term IQ holders, encouraging holders to lock up their IQ reducing the circulating supply of IQ. HiIQ should also bring in new IQ holders who want to stake to earn token rewards and NFTs.
Everipedia has already raffled in-demand NFTs such as Shinsekai and Zipcy’s SuperNormal. With the launch of BrainDAO, First Web 3.0 Metaverse Fund and our upcoming NFT project Brainies, there is a lot more planned for HiIQ stakers with more NFT raffles and news coming for stakers. IQ Token Rewards
1 million IQ tokens are minted daily for HiIQ stakers. The IQ token rewards are distributed to HiIQ stakers in real-time. HiIQ can claim their IQ rewards as soon they are earned or leave them and claim them later.
Technical Background
HiIQ is a vesting and yield system based off of Curve’s veCRV mechanism. Users may lock up their IQ for up to 4 years for four times the amount of HiIQ (e.g. 100 IQ locked for 4 years returns 400 HiIQ). HiIQ is not a transferable token nor does it trade on liquid markets. It is more akin to an account-based point system that signifies the vesting duration of the wallet's locked IQ tokens within the protocol.
The HiIQ balance linearly decreases as tokens approach their lock expiry, approaching 1 HiIQ per 1 IQ at zero lock time remaining. This encourages long-term staking and an active community. Sushiswap has proposed a similar implementation with their recently announced oSushi token. A sample graph (Curve’s veCRV) illustrating the decrease can be found at this address.
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