IQ Bonds Guide (Ethereum)

This tutorial explains how to get IQ at a discount through the wETH Bonds on Olympus Pro.
To get IQ at a discount you will need Wrapped Ethereum (WETH) in an Ethereum wallet like Metamask.
We recommend using Metamask but you can also use Portis, Frame, Fortmatic, WalletConnect, or Torus.
You'll also need $200-500 worth of gas for Ethereum transactions depending on Ethereum network congestion.
Before starting to bond make sure to check the ROI for the WETH Bonds on the Olympus Pro Bond Marketplace. If the ROI on the bond is negative do not bond and wait until it's positive.
Step 1: Get WETH
WETH can be acquired on several major decentralized exchanges and is just wrapped Ethereum. You can also wrap Ethereum to get WETH. You can trade IQ for wETH using the IQ-WETH pair on Sushiswap.
Step 2: Add the IQ token to Metamask
To ensure that you can interact with your ERC20 IQ in Metamask, you'll want to add the IQ token to your Metamask wallet.
  • Open up Metamask and scroll to the bottom
  • Click "Add Token".
You will then see this Metamask popup:
  • Click "Custom Token".
You will then see this Metamask screen
  • Fill in the "Token Contract Adress" section with "0x579CEa1889991f68aCc35Ff5c3dd0621fF29b0C9". The other sections should autofill in. Then click "Next".
You will then see this Metamask screen
  • Click "Add Tokens". You will now be able to see your ERC20 IQ tokens on Metamask.
Step 5: Get IQ Bonds
  • Enter the amount of WETH that you would like to supply
  • Approve the Bond contract to spend your token
  • Click "Bond" and follow the Metamask prompts to exchange the WETH tokens for IQ at the discounted price represented by the Bond Price. Once the transactions confirm you are done.
That’s it! You’ve just successfully purchased a bond. The IQ tokens received will be vested over 7 days. You can claim the rewards from your dashboard on Olympus Pro.