Fraxswap - FRAX/IQ Yield Farming Guide

In this guide we will explain how to start earning FXS and IQ token rewards by providing liquidity to the FRAX-IQ pool on Fraxswap.

1- How to buy FRAX & IQ Tokens?

(NOTE : you will need equal dollar value of both FRAX and IQ, for example if you want to add 100 FRAX you will need 100$ worth of IQ).

2- How to add liquidity to the Frax-IQ pool on Fraxswap ?

Step 1

Step 2

  • Write the amount of FRAX you want to add to the liquidity pool, Fraxswap will automatically calculate the equivalent IQ that needs to be added.
Step 3
  • Click “Supply” .
(NOTE: It is recommended to use enough gas fees to execute the transaction)
  • A MetaMask transaction will pop-up to approve your spendings.
  • Click “Confirm” .
  • Another MetaMask transaction will pop-up to add liquidity.
  • Click “Confirm” .

Step 4

  • After waiting for the transaction to be completed, you will receive FRAX-IQ LP tokens, and Fraxswap will display your liquidity status here:

Step 5 (Staking)

  • Now your LP tokens should appear in the Staking area, click “MAX” to add them, according to personal preference, select the lock-up period and click “Stake”.
  • A MetaMask transaction will pop up to approve your Fraxswap LP token spending, and another MetaMask transaction to Stake them, Confirm the transactions.
Congratulations, you have successfully provided liquidity, you should now be able to start receiving FXS & IQ rewards!